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how does the paste from excel field work ?

May 4 at 1:09 PM
I can't find any documentation on how the paste from excel window works
I have tried just pasting something from excel in there, and saving form or refresh grid og hit enter or create a new inline record and then paste in excel.

any help would be greatly appreciated:-)
May 4 at 3:50 PM
Sorry about that. Currently, this feature is inactive as I was trying to make modifications to the code. I will re activate the feature in the next release. If you need to experiment with this feature, look for the following function in "dcrmeditabletablegrid.js" file and remove the "return;" statement after "e.stopPropagation();" line;
        $('#' + self.activeOptions.GridContainerIds.SearchGridBox).on('change', function (e) {
This was a request from one of the users who needed the ability to copy multiple rows from excel, then paste it into the grid (a text field) and have the grid create new records for each Excel row.
Number and order of the Excel cells must match the number of fields and their order

Grid Fields
Name      Price      Somedate   Description    Revenue   FieldA         FieldB         FieldC

Excel Cells
John      5.6        6/23/2016  (empty cell)   3405.65   (empty cell)   (empty cell)   (empty cell)

Ensue that decimal, float, and money types use "." character as decimal separator
We use parseInt and parseFloat to parse the numbers
55,55 => would return 55
55.55 => would return 55.55

This functionality works only with the following data types.
Text, Description, Date, Datetime, Integer, Decimal, Float, and Money

Optionset, Boolean, and Lookup fields require further modifications to the CreateInlineRecord logic
Thank you,