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Project Description

D CRM Editable Grid is a zero code (Html5 JavaScript) add on for Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015, and 2016 for easily implementing custom editable grids


  • In-line editing
  • Editing multiple records at the same time
  • Allows multiple entity relationships to be represented in a single CRM form
  • Allows multiple grids on a single form in different sections
  • One configuration to display multiple entities on one form. Add field default value, condition, re-arrange fields display order, and set other options
  • Aggregates
  • Header and cell colors and custom CSS. For cells, a condition can be specified
  • Filter
  • Add continuous new records without opening any sub-windows or forms
  • JavaScript call back mechanism for Validation, Delete, Create, load option set (to enable/disable options) and Save operations
  • Ability to query any record, whether related to the current record or not
  • Export to Excel, PDF, and CSV
  • User settings (currency symbol, numeric separator, decimal symbol, date and time formats) are used for formatting currency, numeric, and date time values.
  • Built in validation for Required, MaxLength, MinValue, and MaxValue field attributes
  • Set record status
  • Optional auto save and auto refresh on save
  • Sorting
  • Paging
  • Navigation via keyboard arrows or tab keys
  • Unlimited undo - Place focus on a cell that has gone through one/multiple changes, use undo button to traverse back through the changes until reaching the original value.
  • Undo all changes - Resets all changed cells to their original value.
  • Open record from the grid (in the same window or in a new window)





First Configuration Set Up - Display One Entity

Display Two Unrelated Entities

Display Two related Entities

Display Entities on Different Sections of the Same Form







Display on a dashboard


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