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ColumnHeader can't be removed


I have a situation where a field has been deleted on an entity. Afterwards we have found that the field was shown in an editable grid. We then discover that the column cannot be deleted from the configuration page and the grid hangs onload, how can this be fixed ? we are running v, it's been tested on IE11 IE10, EDGE and Chrome all with the same outcome.

any help would be appreciated.


mehrdadcrm wrote May 31 at 10:45 AM


I will add a fix for this bug in the next release. For now, the only option is to delete the configuration and re create it.

Thank you,

san_86 wrote May 31 at 11:58 AM

Thanks for the quick response it's greatly appreciated

san_86 wrote Jun 2 at 5:58 AM

I'm glad to hear it will be fixed in the near future :-) thank you