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Create new button acting up



First off great work, we are loving the grid.
We have had some irregularities with the create new button on the grid,
when pressing the Add button the records is inserted randomly in the already existing records
at first it always created the record at the bottom of the list but now its not.

is it by design ? if it is how do you control where the next new record is inserted in the list ? this could be a nice feature if it's not there already. being able to select a record then hit create and the new record is then created under the selected record, we had some troubles with the current way of creating new records in the bottom of the list because when there where more pages you would have to scroll to the last page before you could edit the line.

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mehrdadcrm wrote May 31 at 10:58 AM


By design, the new record is inserted at the end of the grid. However, if you have checked the option to refresh the grid after creating a new record, then a new query is run and the records are displayed based on the query results. This may cause the new record to show up in a different order.

Please try to uncheck "Refresh after create new" checkbox in the configuration. This should maintain the newly created records at the end of the grid until you refresh or navigate the grid.

In the next release, I will have the new records added to the top of the grid. However, you still need to uncheck the "Refresh after create new" option for the new record to stay in the same position

Thank you,

san_86 wrote Jun 2 at 5:56 AM

Thank you for the quick response :-)