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Setting up D CRM EG Configuration

Open "Advanced Find" and look for and select "D CRM EG Configuration" list option. Click on the "results" tool-bar button.


Under the tab "List Tools", click "New D CRM EG Configuration" tool-bar button.


In the new configuration window, select the entity where the grid is to be displayed on. Example, Case.


Select an entity to display data from. Example Account.

Click on the "+" button to add the selected entity to the list of entities to display data from .


Click to select the new "Account" entity list item. This will display a list of all fields for the entity and other configuration settings.


If a selected entity has a many to one relationship with the entity hosting the grid, you will be presented with the option to use this relationship to display only related records or all records.


By default, all the fields for the entity are displayed. Changing "All Fields" drop down option to other options such as "Fields on the form" will display a subset of all the fields for the entity.

The text box to the right of the fields' display drop down can be used for searching for a field rather than scrolling.


Select the fields that you would like to be displayed on the grid. Each selected field will have a corresponding tile under the "Selected grid headers" section.

Each selected field can be set to read-only. It's initial width can also be specified in percentage. And a default value can v=be set for create new

To re-arrange the field display order, drag and drop the tiles under the "Selected grid headers" section.

  1. Auto save changes
  2. Show auto save button
  3. Allow user to create new records
  4. Allow user to delete records
  5. Refresh grid after creating in line record
  6. Refresh grid after saving changes
  7. Allow display Aggregate icon for numeric fields
  8. Set the behaviour of (+) button. Display menu (inline, window), inline, window
  9. Set how boolean (two option) editor changes. One click or display editor
  10. Set the initial number of records per page if the number of records exceed five.*


Save and close the new configuration record.

Setting up the web resource

Open any "Case" record. Find and click "Form Editor" menu item.


In the form editor, add a new "One Column Tab" to the form.


Open up the new tab's properties (DbClick or use properties tool-bar button). Uncheck "Show the label for this tab on the form" check box. Click OK button.


Add a new web resource to the tab.


For the web resource, enter "dcrmeg_dcrmeghtml". Enter a name for the web resource.


Click on the "Formatting" tab of the new Add Web Resource window.


Set the "Number of rows" to 12. Uncheck "Display border". Click OK.


Save and publish the changes to the case form.

Refresh the case record. You should see a grid displaying selected fields from the "Account" entity.

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