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1 Select entity where the grid is to be placed. Example Account.
2 Select entity to display data from. Example Contact.
3 Adds the selected entity (2) to the list of selected entities to display data from (7).
4 This is the Guid of this configuration. This value is used during the grid setup when attempting to display multiple grids on the same form but in different sections.
5 Allows selection of fields to be displayed on the grid.

By default, all the fields for the entity are displayed. Changing "All Fields" drop down option to other options such as "Fields on the form" will display a subset of all the fields for the entity.

The text box to the right of the fields' display drop down can be used for searching for a field rather than scrolling.

6 Allows setting of field conditions to display a subset of data. Please see Conditions documentation
7 Selected entities to display data from. Added using '+' button (3). Please see: Toolbar documentation
8 Controls display of clear filter toolbar button
9 Controls display of filter icon (inline filtering) on the grid headers.
10 Controls display of export (Excel, CSV, PDF) toolbar button
11 Controls display of Set Record Status context menu
12 Controls display of clone selected record
13 Controls display of clone record context menu
14 Controls Open record icon behaviour. New window, Same window
15 If a selected entity has a many to one relationship with the entity hosting the grid, you will be presented with the option to use this relationship to display only related records or all records.
16 Displays available relationships to select
17 Displays selected relationship
18 Controls how changes to the grid data is handled. Checked, will save changes automatically. If unchecked, user will need to use the grid save toolbar button to save the changes.
19 Controls display of Auto Save toolbar button
20 Controls whether the user is allowed to create new records. If unchecked, the '+' toolbar button will be hidden
21 Controls whether the user is allowed to delete a record
22 Controls whether to refresh the grid after creating a new inline record.
23 Controls whether to refresh the grid after saving changes.
24 Controls display of Aggregate icon on the grid footer for numeric fields

25 Controls the behaviour of (+) new record toolbar button. Display menu (inline, window)
26 Controls how Boolean (two option) editor changes the value. One click or display editor

twoption1.PNG twoption2.PNG

27 Controls the initial number of records per page to display. If the number of records exceed five, navigation icons are displays.
28 Sets the grid title. By default, the name of selected entity is used.
29 Experimental. Controls display a text field on the grid toolbar. This allows a user to copy and paste Excell cells into the text field. After pasting, pressing the Enter key, will cause the grid to attempt to create new records based on the pasted Excel rows.

Number and order of the cells must match the number of fields and their order Grid Fields.

Grid Fields
Name Price Birthdate Description Revenue FieldA FieldB FieldC
Excel Cells
John 5.6 6/23/2016 (empty cell) 3405.25 (empty cell) (empty cell) (empty cell)

Ensue that decimal, float, and money types use "." character as decimal separator

We use parseInt and parseFloat to parse the numbers
55,55 => would return 55
55.55 => would return 55.55

This functionality works only with the following data types.
Text, Description, Date, Datetime, Integer, Decimal, Float, and Money

Optionset, Boolean, and Lookup fields require further modifications to the CreateInlineRecord logic. Blame IE for not following Clipboard standards.

Selected Fields


1 Displays selected xxxxx (entity) fields and various options that can be set.
2 Allows to set up to two fields to be used for initial sorting
3 Controls whether the field is read-only
4 Controls the width of the grid header in pixels (example: 120). Default 0, the grid auto calculates the width.
5 Values set in these fields is used during the creation of inline records to set the initial value of the field in the new record.
6 Allows setting of the grid header colors and CSS
7 Allows setting of the grid cells colors and CSS based on a given condition
8 Removes the field from selected fields
9 Allows setting of a default view for lookups when "Lookup more records" menu is used. If a look up is of type Customer, you will be presented with a list of both Account and Contacts system views to choose from
10 Color picker to set the backgound color of a header/cell
11 Color picker to set the foreground color of a header/cell
12 Allows addition of custom CSS to effect display of a header/cell. Example: font-size:16px;font-weight:bold
13 Saves changes and updates the Color and format preview (17)
14 Resets the color, CSS, and condition values to default
15 Allows to set a condition operator.
16 Depending of the field type, you will be able to use this field to set a condition. For textual and numeric fields, a text field is displayed, etc
17 Displays a preview of set colors and formatting
18 Allows to set the background color of even grid rows (row index 0, 2, ...)
19 Allows to set the background color of odd grid rows (row index 1, 2, ...)

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