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Filtering related fields

Aug 19, 2016 at 3:52 PM

That's a real wonderful incredible useful tool - great appreciation to the creator(s).

My question is regarding the filtering of a lookup field of the Slave entity (SE) represented in the grid. So one of the fields (F1) of my grid is a lookup field which selection group should be restricted by a fix parameter (P1) known before the grid is rendered. To pre-filter process we add another parameter (P2) which is the value of another field (F2) of the same Slave entity (SE) on the same line of the grid.
Parameter P2 - I can also get from a field in the Master entity (ME) in relationship with the entity (SE) whose values are exposed on the grid.

Problem is - do I have the possibility to specify dynamically this filter in a JS WebResource associated to the form with the grid ?

For easier exemplification I could send some pictures with the relations but they cannot be attached in here, unless they are part of a site.

Thank you in anticipation and best of luck in completing the full project.